December 2020
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Enduramark Spray

We are glad to announce our exclusive distributor agreement for Switzerland with Enduramark,  the producer of one of the best spray markers for metal, glass and ceramic for CO2 lasers!

With these extraordnary sprays, you can now use your CO2 Laser machine for marking Steel, Glass and Ceramic with results close to the more expensive Fiber-Lasers(1).

This Article explains you the basics of metal, glass and ceramic marking.

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Click the picture to visit our product page and hear some videos with the product.

(1) Fiber lasers continue to offer higher resolution and higher speed than traditional CO2 lasers

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The little KH-4060 is here!

The small sister of the beloved KH-7050 is finally here. This small format machine (400x600mm working area) has nothing to envy to her bigger sister, beside the size. The smaller footprint (smaller than 800mm wide) allow the transportation through 80cm doors, our well-known swiss standard for civil buildings.

 And last but not least, we are now offering an Online-Chat   to answer your question as soon as possible. Try it out now on our website!



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